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TUBIS by wiege, K. Franck, W. Sauer, R. Grabe (1991)

Row of chairs

TUBIS by wiege, K. Franck, W. Sauer, R. Grabe (1991)
Reception and waiting areas ? whether in airports, train stations or lobbies ? are increasingly becoming places to gather, meeting places for business travellers and therefore calling cards for the host. Tubis is exceptional for: - understated and high-quality design, with accessories to match different architecture and interiors in order to give interiors and furnishings a co-ordinated look; - extreme, ergonomic comfort for a range of postures, offering relaxation and a chance to unwind, even if waiting times are long; - simple assembly, dismantling and exchange of components and is easy to clean, so that the quality of the furniture is maintained at affordable maintenance and follow-on costs. Two load-bearing aluminium profiles (tubes) lie at the system's core. The tubes have integrated grooves that all functional elements such as seat shells, armrests, side shelves and tables, or sliding footrests can be affixed to. Consequently, four-legged, free-standing benches with up to five single seats can just as easily be made as rows of seats that are joined at the back or around corners.
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