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CHASSIS by Stefan Diez (2011)

Conference chair

CHASSIS by Stefan Diez (2011)
The name ""Chassis"" sets the agenda for universal chair developed by Stefan Diez for Wilkhahn. Not only radiates the elegance of sports cars, but actually also manufactured as such, the first time in history a chair frame is produced with industrial technology, ""Space-Frame."" With a fascinating way and all the ecological benefits that the materials and production methods offer. The same applies to the thin shell of the seat / backrest, which is stretched over the frame like a membrane. The supporting structure and the shell are fused in a stylish package, but a clear organic, corporeal but light, technically precise but natural. A special chair for workshops, meetings, coffee ... with the potential to become the favorite piece for a long time. Chassis is a universal four-legged chair with a weight of only 5.4 kg. It is made of two materials that allow for easy recycling inside the ecological cycle components: frame is made of sheet steel high-performance, available in black, white or gray, while the chill Replaceable seat / backrest is made of polypropylene granules of the same color. The sliding synthetic soils are suitable for soft and hard. You can stack up to four chairs.
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