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FS-LINIE by Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer (1980)

Executive armchair leather modern

FS-LINIE by Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer (1980)
In terms of? Space planning tertiary seats Working Line FS have the status of classics. With their dynamic sitting in constant contact, they have the ability to stimulate our innate need to move? and this for almost 30 years! Products to over 2 million? Exam please, they show around the world to? And functional relevance? An exceptional durability. Triple swivel joint ensures the mobility of arches of the structure and armrests of the seat. This allows the? Sitting in the file and follow deliv Dora, perfectly synchronized, every movement and every change of posture? User. L? Effectiveness of the system is completed by an elastic backrest controlled, including torsion. FS line is offered in a wide variation. It helps to maintain a perfect aesthetic coherence at all levels of? Business and functional in all environments. The modular design of the hull and structure facilitates the maximum? Maintenance headquarters. At any time, it can be repaired or brought up to days at the lowest cost. Thus, the line FS is a very convincing illustra tion of the principles of sustainable development. Quality and durability of materials, ergonomics and very classic simplicity of design combine to make the line a FS lasting solution par excellence.
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