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LOGON by Andreas Störiko (1996)

Conference table

LOGON by Andreas Störiko (1996)
Companies who value openness, lightness and dynamics as well as high quality and lasting style, find the program Logon culture the perfect table, both at individual tables as table settings. Aesthetics particularly Logon light tables is due to a sophisticated design principle derived from the construction of aircraft: the foot and supports the boards are attached to each other through threaded rods arranged in tubes support. This allows using a minimum cross-sections with a particularly high resistance. Whether round or square spaces, elongated or compact: Logon variety of shapes is nearly limitless. The modular structure of the frames provides solutions for depths from 75 to 120 cm to 260 cm per panel. Series are available in each of 45 angular elements and 90 degrees. Intermediate sizes are as in the manufacture of Wilkhahn. Boards with its characteristic profile composed of polypropylene is manufactured in plastic laminate, wood veneer or natural linoleum. Moreover, in areas divisible variables and make it possible to combine elements of fixed tables with individual tables and dynamic mobile, folding and folding, programs Confair and Timetable.
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