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DINA by Udo Schill & Timo Küchler

Meeting table

DINA by Udo Schill & Timo Küchler
The more complicated the world of work, the more important are clarity and simplicity. An aesthetic that conveys the complexity and reduce transparency, peace and order then becomes a matter of ergonomics work. Simplicity in design and handling are important determinants in a world of people-oriented work ... DinA The principle is as simple as captivating: using the area and the proportions of the two paper format DIN A 0 and broke twice in the half get 3 formats table: Table 1 / 1, table 1 / 2 and table 1 / 4. These are complemented with models body, ""Denmark bulky"" with surfaces 1 / 4 and 1 / 8. With three functional heights - ""low"" as a side table, ""mean"" to sit and ""high"" for standing-tables and bulky covers the full spectrum of office equipment, both for daily work to keep or numerous small meetings. But what is surprising is that, regardless of the setting of tables and bulky, always creates a harmonious environment with clear formations. The high quality is reflected in the materials, finishes and innovative features: wood dyed gray-black bias and worked the tables and gives furniture a strong character and monolithic. Drawers without handles, compartments milled, stainless steel rails for hanging file folders, shelves for laptops and networks, fascinated by their perfection tray, intelligence and simplicity. See also DinA Office.
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