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3271 STELVIO 2

LED Exterior projector for public spaces

3271 STELVIO 2
Housing and cover: in die-cast aluminium and designed with a very small surface exposed to wind. Cooling fins are integrated into the cover. Pole connection: in die-cast aluminium and with gaskets to secure the frame according to different inclinations. Adjustable ranges: between 0° and 15° for side mount; and between 0° and 10° for mast-top mounting. Inclination pace: 5°. Suited for poles with a diameter of 63-60 mm. Diffuser: clear, tempered glass, 4 mm thick, resistant to thermal shock and impacts (UNI-EN 12150-1 : 2001) Coating: polyester resin for powder coating, resistant to corrosion and saline environments. Standard supply: automatic temperature control device. In the event of an unexpected LED temperature rise caused by particular weather conditions or a LED failure, the system will reduce the luminous flux to lower the working temperature and guarantee proper operation. Safety diode to protect against voltage peaks. Equipment: complete with IP67 airtight connector for mains connection. Supplied with double insulation switch that cuts off electricity when the cover is opened. Upon request: the fixture can be equipped with a control system to manage the dimming 1-10 V line for incoming and outgoing data.
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