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The main structure of BELL consists of a steel EN10111DD1 bent plate 20x30x20 mm, T. 30/10, on which it is fixed the back of the bin, made of steel sheet plate EN10111DD1, T. 20/10. Like the bin back, the door as well is made of sheet plate, T. 20/10, whose central part is reinforced by a steel tube bar 15x15x2 mm, while on the lower profile is welded a reinforcing element in steel EN10111DD1 sheet plate, T. 30/10. The strong hinges, T. 30/10, are fixed through a continuous wire welding to the door and to the back of the bin. On the door there is a spring lock with triangular key. The cover of the bin is made of steel EN10111DD1 sheet plate,T. 20/10, in a semi-sphere shape (D. 200 mm), plasma cut. The waste-placing hole is 156 mm wide. Internally it is placed a galvanised steel EN10346DX51D+Z container, T. 10/10. On the upper part, the inner container has two oval holes which act as handles,120x60 mm. The container is reinforced by a border 10 mm high and 5 mm wide, helpful to contain an elastic rope, D 10 mm, to fix the waste sack. At the base there are 4 holes, D. 10 mm, for the ground fixing with appropriate bolts. All the elements in steel EN10111DD1 are cold galvanised and polyester powder coated.
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