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XS8 - 25 cm

XS8 - 25 cm
Global thermal power kW: 8,3 Rated thermal power kW: 3 min / 7,5 max Dimensions: W 91 - D 24 - H 110 cm Weight: 100 kg Tank capacity: 15 kg Heating capacity: 150 - 225 Heating efficienty: 85% Smoke outlet: 80 mm Type of fuel: pellet 6 mm Hourly consumption: kg 0,6 - min / kg 1,66 - max Autonomous operation at minimum approx. 25 hrs (may change according to the fuel used) Autonomous operation at maximum approx. 9 hrs (may change according to the fuel used) Forced air movement Mc/h: 180 Max. rated electrical power consumption: 40 W Power input 250 W Electronics board with weekly programmer 4 on/off for day Outer case coloured glass Ash box standard Firebox in steel Smoke outlet from top, back or side Pedestal OPTIONAL The pellet is a new combustible that has revolutionized the stoves world. It is a small cylinder made of wood sawdust and best wood fragments. Any tree is felled, moreover any solvent and glue is used. The pellet manufacturing process gets a final product without humidity, with a high energy and heating efficiency. The combustible power heating economize around 40% with confront to fuel oil and methane.
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