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VLEX Karim Rashid

Design in 2010 is about the movement to contemporariness and letting go of the past, of old icons, of old antiquated ideas, of past mythologies. VLEK flowerpot collection designed by KARIM RASHID for the Spanish brand VONDOM speaks of our roots as a human

VLEX Karim Rashid
Besides its attractive & original design, VLEK also interprets the concept ¨ sustainability of our habitat¨, since with the option of incorporating a self-watering system, permits an autonomy of watering until 120 days, which guarantees the perfect care for your plants even though you are away on vacation, thanks to its water reservoir and feeding system, the plants learn synchronizing watering and saving water the same moment. Other option is incorporated energy saving light bulbs or colour RGB LED's, this last option includes a remote control to switch the unit on or off, and to program the colour options, saving energy and giving a sophisticated touch to our space the same moment. The pieces are manufactured by rotational molding, the main characteristic of this technique is that the material is 100% recyclable and it can explore never-ending possibilities in the shapes.
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