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Reflex Professional

Recessed ceiling light

Reflex Professional
"Reflex Professional design iGuzzini A unique and innovative line of recessed professionals, designed and conceived to meet the most varied lighting needs in a multitude of environments, such as commercial areas, offices, hotels and hospitality and reception areas. Three types of optical, fixed, adjustable and wall washer and two formal lines, a circular and a square for a wide range of sizes from a diameter of 75mm for the small body to a diameter of 242mm for the larger body. Available with installation frame and frameless supported for installation flush. The Reflex is the ideal professional for use in suspended ceilings also reduced thickness (1mm), introduced with discretion and efficiency in any architectural context and structure. A traditional family of extremely comprehensive and versatile product, which has the most innovative use of lighting, including LED, compact fluorescent lamps and PLR, metal halide and CDM CDM-Tm-Tc, which allow the fitting of more high performance, maximum energy savings and optimum visual comfort, and respecting the maximum response, with specific versions, all for the legislation and ECA UNIEN 12464-1. Recessed simple design and polished high-level performance."
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