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FI 4

FI 4
The FI unit is apt for balanced ventilation both in commercial activities places (bars, restaurants, dressing rooms, swimming pool, etc.), residential and all environments that need a continuous air change having just the same inside temperature. The fresh air is continually introduced in the room while simultaneously the stale air in expelled together with bad odours, smoke, pollen, mites, bacteria, dust. etc. The incorporated filters in the block unit or arranged linearly in canalized models, purify the entering air assuring a continuous recycling of clean air and generate a healthier and more comfortable habitat. Thanks to exchange unit the heat is given up to entering air from the one expelled, avoiding any contact each other. So it is possible to have an air change with the same inside temperature and low relativity humidity. Installation [built-in semi-canalized with fan] Dimensions mm 600 x 340 x 750 Weight Kg 19 Heat exchanger efficiency 70% Temperature 40 °C Guarantee 10 anni Air flow m³/h 500 Installation hole 610 x 380 mm Outside inclination 3° Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz Power input 210 W Noise level dB(A) 31/53
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