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As far as the KLAFS PREMIUM sauna is concerned, ?premium? represents the individual sense of style of its owner as well as denoting the particularly high quality of the sauna cabin itself. Sauna PREMIUM von KLAFS with the under bench heating system BONATHERM. This model offers such attractive and useful details such as ergonomically formed head and backrests, cover panels between the benches and a feature for easy access onto the sauna benches. You can add to the design package with a gable roof, special corner slats, a unique door handle and OLYMP lamps. The PREMIUM sauna achieves a truly authentic effect when combined with our SANARIUM with SaunaPUR®, which is also available as the BONATHERM VS under bench heating system. The 100 kg of olivine stones combine with the SaunaPUR® function to offer you an unbelievably pleasant and relaxing sauna bath. Or simply choose another form of bathing. Whether you opt for an aroma or tropical bath, you will feel totally refreshed. The unconventional adaptability of the KLAFS PREMIUM sauna immediately meets the eye. The right size is available for every room, whether you choose the four- or five-cornered model, opt for the circular floor plan or wish to install your sauna in a corner of the room, under a sloping roof or in the cellar. The large selection of external cladding varieties enables you to align the whole appearance of the sauna perfectly to your individual taste. And with the wide range of additional elements available on request, you can make this sauna even more individual.
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