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Fap Ceramique


Colección Voyage

Voyage is a texture formed by memories, in which stories from wise cultures intertwine like the soft threads on a loom to create this superlative ceramic fabric. The material vibrates with light on the surface, transmitting a bewitchingly tactile, threedimensional sensation of enveloping, protective warmth. This product brings together the sophisticated roots of craft tradition, adapting them to the needs of the contemporary home with the marvellous 30.5x91.5. The colours in Voyage are voices that belong to the history of the world; they are part of us, because they speak of emotions that are ever alive: our own. The nuances draw their inspiration from nature: plant and mineral pigments with plenty of character and sharp contrasts, allowing for the creation of original compositions. Each journey is always a fl ight back to the nest, to our own personal space that echoes beautifully with the cultures we have encountered along the way. The decorations in the Voyage collection pick up on these sophisticated references, turning them into spectacularly original surfaces: refi ned hand-painted fabrics, ancient embossed glasswork, beautiful ceramics, rare historical lithographs, ornamental panels. Each room tells a story that reveals the personality of who lives there. Each space is an enchanting journey through beauty.