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Fap Ceramique


Colección Nuances

Light bouncing over warm surfaces and genuine details, including natural grains and graceful veining that bring the surface to life: Nuances by Fap ceramiche! The new collection of wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor tiles is also ideal for as a wall tiling and is a first for Fap ceramiche. In fact, it is the first time that a collection has also been available in the "OUT" version for use outdoors. Nuances is available in two sizes of rectified panels, 22.5x90 and 15x90 cm, and is at its best in the multi-tone version, a harmonious blend of attractive and sophisticated shades, with a mood that feels new yet antique at the same time, reproducing the following types of wood: Faggio - Beech, Rovere – Sessile Oak, Sandalo- Sandalwood, Quercia - Oak, Ulivo - Olive and Noce - Walnut. You can choose from the many special pieces and decorations, including: Classic Tappeto for a more traditional mood and Mosaico for a minimalist look. A wide range offering the possibility to create a wide range of colour and multiple-format combinations for a lived-in look but made to last. The natural and elegant non-slip surface can also be used for outdoor surfaces too, including patios and swimming pools, complementing the traditional indoor applications, both for residential and commercial solutions. An extraordinary "used" effect that you will now find even in spaces subject to high traffic, rooms on the ground floor, outdoors and bathroom floors.

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