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What is it?

Archifan is a virtual showrroom decoration, interior design and architecture in which you can find the latest products classified in more than 1,000 categories.

What do we do?

Our primary mission is "to bring buyers and sellers from around the world".

For whom?

For manufacturers, we offer a global visibility. The information in your company and its products is visible throughout the world and in the languages representative.

For visitors:

"a comprehensive solution for the home, interior decoration and construction. The buyer is in all necessary products from manufacturers all over the world. With a single click."

Why Archifan?

  • Because through our platform, we bring the end user, so that consumers can reach anywhere in the world.
  • Because Archifan is a virtual showroom which attracts thousands of visitors looking for products.
  • Because visitors can find your products, more information, request a quote or ask your nearest point of sale within minutes.
  • Because you have a personal control panel that allows you to manage products shown in your space, catalogs that are available and view visitor statistics in real time.
  • Because it is integrated with existing social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, for maximum brand recognition and positioning your product.

"Because Archifan improve your online visibility and your position in Google, Archifan you closer to consumers anywhere in the world."

Archifan keys:

Exposing your products

  • Permanent. 24 hours 365 days a year., exposing their products are available to any prospective customer every day, any time throughout the year.
  • Multilingual. 8 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.
  • International. Promoting your company and products worldwide. It is the easiest way to get closer to consumers located anywhere in the world.
  • Accessible. More than 1,000 categories to classify products. Based on the five major categories: home, interior and exterior design, construction and building, sustainable architecture, public and urban spaces edificions. is organized in over 1,000 different categories, which allows customers to quickly and easily find the desired product.
  • Flex. Search by category or by free search. The point is that encounter the products and companies that need.
  • Self-managed. Control panel for advanced products. The private area lets you manage your products, categories to which they belong and the descriptions in each language in a quick and easy.
  • Measurable. See real-time statistics. From the private area, we can control in real time the number of visitors to our stand, the most popular products, dates of visits, the countries of origin of visitors and more data.
  • Close. Mail requests. From the private area can handle all applications: those managed brands, export them to Excel or eliminate the system. Endless possibilities for doing daily work much easier.
  • Upgradeable. Immediate updating catalog of you can modify from the individual control panel, and immediately displays it on the stand of our company.
  • Direct. Generate business contacts. Each of the thousands of visitors to, customer can become yours thanks to the ease of applying information you will. The visitor asks for the information you are interested (information, budget or the nearest point of sale) assistive commercial work.