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Loll Designs

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Founded in 2003, Loll is a modern outdoor furniture manufacturer specializing in the use of recycled materials to make long lasting no maintenance outdoor furniture. Loll began as a way to utilize extra material from the construction of municipal skate parks. Loll?s history and beginnings from TrueRide skate park manufacturer can be read here. Loll strives to improve the relationship between the furniture people own and their ability to enjoy it in a healthy environment. Sustainability is at the core of the business. Loll attempts to achieve a product and company balance between the environment, profitability, and employee and community well being. Loll Designs is a part of 1% For The Planet. Loll Designs participates in Windsense. Loll Designs is a part of 1% For The Planet. Loll Designs contributes to the Will Steger Foundation. Loll Designs is member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Loll offices in the Hawks Boots Sustainable Manufacturing Facility in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. All design and prototyping work is done there. 3D software is used for both designing new products and producing furniture on CNC machinery suited for furniture manufacturing. As well as in-house design, Loll works with a select group of outside design studios to bring unique pieces to market. Manufacturing is done close by in a refurbished commercial pasta factory that is now a 20,000 square foot furniture production facility operated by Loll. Loll is a privately owned company with 20 employees. Hawks boots Sustainable Manufacturing Facility. Loll manufactures exclusive pieces for national retailers Room&Board and Design Within Reach. Loll seeks to find independent retailers throughout the world that share a common design aesthetic and focus on sustainable products. To the Trade: Loll also works with designers and architects on projects in both public and private settings. See Epicurean Cutting Surfaces. Lolls sister company, Epicurean, shares the same history and building as Loll. Built on similar principles, Epicurean is shaping a better way to prepare food in residential and commercial kitchens all around the world.